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A guide to Barlow Village in Derbyshire


Chesterfield and Sheffield
Lat.53.16N   Long.1.29W  Elevation 137m (450 ft.)

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The spelling of place names and family names is taken exactly as it appeared in the original directories. Over the years the spelling of many of these names has been changed. 

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White's Gazetteer of Sheffield and district for 1852
Residents of Barlow

Marked 1, reside at Moorhall; 2, Bole Hill; 3,Wilday Green; 4, Woodseats; 5, Barlow Grange; 6, Rumbling Street
Drabble, Thomas, basket maker
Goodlad, John. basket maker & pcl clerk
Hayne, George. wood turner
Holmes, William, wheelwright
6, Ling, Levy, woodman
Margerison, Jarvis, joiner
Wright, George, mason and builder
Owen, John, miller and maltster
Smith, Rev. Courtney, incumbent
Stevenson, Jas, carpenter
6, Stevenson, John, gardener
2, Straw, Edward. boarding and day school
Turner, William, blacksmith
Widdison, Godfrey, blacksmith
1, Anthony, Edward
7, Burgh, George
4, Botham, William
4, Bradbury, Robert
5, Brown, John
7, Cowley, Dennis
Dale, George
Drabble, Joseph
7, Ellis, Stephen
Featherstone, Owen
Goodlad, James
Goodlad, William
Goodlad, George,
Gosling, William
Grattan, Joseph
Hallatt, Sampson
5, Hancock, William
Hill, John
Holleley, John
Holmes, George
Holmes, John
5, Hopkinson, David

Howard, William
3, Howarth, John
3, Hukin, John
Littlewood, John
3, Lomas, John
Margerison, Jsph
Needham, John
Needham, Thomas
6, Pinder, Anthony
Rainforth, Benj.
Rayes, George, Butcher
5, Shaw, John
Simpson, Walter
1, Slack, Martin
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, George
1, Swift, Edward
5, Taylor, Thomas
2, Turner, Edward
Turner, Joshua
1, Woollen, Robert

Public House
Mart, William, Victualler. Peacock


Key, Michael
3, Lomas, John
Simpson, Joseph
Stevenson, John
5, Hodkin, William
Haslam, Mark
Hukin, Geoffrey

2, Dale, George
Stevenson, George
Stevenson, Thomas

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White's Gazetteer of Sheffield and district for 1868
Residents of Barlow  (Commercial)

Marked 1, are at Little Barlow; 2,Barlow Grange; 2* Crow Hall; 3, Grange Wood; 5, Moorhall; 6, Newgate; 7, Oxton Rake; 9, Wilday Green; and the others in Great Barlow

Chesterfield Midland Coal Company Ltd.
Haigh, Isaac & George, Wood turners
Needham John, butcher
Plivins, Chas.Hy. Coal owner, Monk Wood
Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co. Nesfield Colliery.  John Sylvester (manager)
Shipton. Rev. George. Incumbent.
Stevenson, Francis, Gardener.
Straw, Edward. Schoolmaster

5, Anthony Edw. Hall
Bargh, Joshua
Bland, Henry
Bottam, Sidney
Bradbury, Robert
Bradbury, Robert. Jun
2, Brown, John
Caudwell, Joseph
5, Coates, Joseph
6, Crookes, John
Drabble, Edward
Drabble, Thomas
Fletcher, James
Froggatt, John
Goodlad, James
Goodlad, William
Gratton, Joseph
7, Hallatt, Levi
9, Hayworth, John
Hill, John. Lees
Hollely, John. Lees
Holmes, John.
Holmes, William

3, Hopkinson, William
2*, Howard, William
Hukin, John. Bole Hill
7, Littlewood, John
Littlewood, Thomas
Lowe, George.
Marjerrison, Gervase
Marjerrison, Joseph
3, Marjerrison, Elizabeth
5, Marples, Isaac
Millington, Samuel
Needham, John
Needham, James.
Pearson, George
Pinder, Anthony
Rainforth, William
Shaw, George
1, Simpson, Elazabeth
Simpson. Mrs. Mary
Stevenson, Sam.
3, Taylor, Thomas
1, Turner, Joshua
Woollen, Robert
Wostenholm, John

Inns & Beerhouses
Mart, William, Victualler, Peacock
Needham, Geo. Beerhouse
Simpson, John Victualler, New Inn

Barge, Richard
2* Platts, Henry

9, Dale, George
Drabble, Edward
Stephenson, George

Gilberthorpe, Robert
Holmes, William
Key, Michael
Platts, Henry
Simpson, Mary
Swindell, Samuel

Haslam, Mark
3, Hodkin, William

Bowler, Henry
Wright, John

Wheelwrights and joiners
Holmes, William
Marjerrison, Gervase
Stephenson, James

Post Office
At Mrs. Mary Simpson's.
Letters arrive at 9.0am and are dispatched at 5.0pm, via Chesterfield.

From Moorhall to Chesterfield, Saturday.


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Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire for 1895  Barlow (Commercial)


Adlington , George. Moorhall
Adlington, John. Moorhall
Botham, Albert,  Grange
Brown, George, Grange Lumb
Caudwell, Joseph. Barlow Lees
Cooper, Aaron, Bole Hill
Crookes, John. Newgate
Drabble, Mary. (Mrs)
Davis, Elijah. Crowhole
Gladwin, Sarah (Mrs)
Goodlad, John. Johnnygate
Grattan, Hannah. Highlightly
Hall, John. Wilday Green
Hallatt, Charles, Grange.
Hallatt, Levi. Oxtonrakes
Hardy, John.  Monkwoood
Haslam, Ann & Tom. Bradley Lane
Haslam, George.  Farrlane
Haslam, Joseph. Wilday Green
Holleley, Ann & Son.  Barlow Lees
Holmes, William. Moorhall
Holmes. William
Howard, John.  Crowhole
Howarth, William. Johnny Gate
Hulley, William.  Woodseats Hall
Lancaster, Saml.  Barlow Lees
Littlewood , Chas.Jas.  Oxtenrakes
Margerison, Hannah
Marples, Willm & Jas. Grange.
Marples, James, Grange
Needham, George.  High Ashes
Needham, George. Wilday Green
Needham, Herbert
Needham, Jas. Grange House
Pearson, Eliz. (Miss) Moorhall
Pearson, Thos. Grange Lumb
Pidcock, William. Rumbley Street
Pinder, Hannah. (Mrs)
Simpson, Ann. (Miss)
Simpson, Thomas.
Stevenson, Sarah (Mrs)
Tagg, Farewell.  Brentwood Gate
Turner, Frank. Hall Farm
Tyler, Saml. Wellspring
Walker, Charles, Monkwood.


Public Houses and Beer retailers Key. William. Beer Retailer
Needham, Henry. New Inn
Sylvester, Sam. Peacock P.H.
Woodruff. John. Beer retailer


Bradbury, Suzannah (Mrs.) Commonside 
Dale, Jane. Boots & Shoes. Commonside 
Holmes, John
Howarth, Herbert
Lowe, Anthony. Greengrocer
Platts, Ann
Shemwell, Jas. Butcher, Commonside
Spafford, Hannah. (Mrs)
Walker, John. Grocer


Bland, Henry Wainwright
Bradshaw, George. Grange
Dyson, Rev. Cornelius. Parsonage

Margerison, Gervase Farmer, joiner, builder, saw mills and post office 

Margerison, Isaac. Builder 

Morgan, John. Farmer & threshing machine owner 

Plevins, Chas. Henry & Co. Monkswood Colliery

Straw, William. Apartments
Swindol, Waterworks inspector




Market Gardeners
Booker, Henry
Fletcher, John Henry
Hallatt, Thomas

Bowler, Henry
Haslam, Mark
Wright, John. Monumental mason 

Bargh, Richard

Post Office, M. O. Insurance & Annuity Office.

Gervase Margerison, ( Sub postmaster)

Letters from Chesterfield arrive at 8.0am and are collected at 5.35pm.

Nearest telegraph office is at Whittington Moor.

Wall letter box at Commonside cleared at 5.15 pm



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Kelly's  Directory of Derbyshire for 1922.  Barlow (Commercial)


Beresford, Albert. Bradley Lane
Beresford, Alfred, Elm Tree
Booker, James.  Grange
Botham, Frederick  Oxton Rakes
Botham, Frank.  Spitewinter
Bramwell, William.  Peakley Hill
Crookes, Ronald.  Newgate
Drabble, Edward
Goodlad, Bertha.(Mrs) Woodseats Hall
Goodlad, John.  Bole Hill
Gratton, William.  Primrose Hill
Hall, William.  Well Spring.
Haslam, Len. Farmer & Carrier  Farr Lane
Haslam, Oscar.  Moorhall
Holmes, William James.  Moorhall
Hopkins, George Herbert.  Grange
Howard, Arthur.  Crowhole
Howard, John.  Crowhole
Lowe, Frank.  Johnny Gate
Margereson, George.   Nesfield
Margereson, Joseph.  Oxten Rakes
Middleton, Tom.  Moorhall

Morgan, John. Farmers & threshing machine owners

Needham, Arthur.  Highlightly
Needham, Ernest.  Bolehill
Needham, George.   Wilday Green
Needham, George Hugh.  Hall Farm
Needham, Herbert.   Barlow Lees
Needham,  John Thomas
Needham, William.  High Ashes.
Needham, William.   New Farm
Nicholls, Charles.   Grange.
Pearson, Thomas.  Grange Lumb
Pendleton, Henry.  Farr lane
Pidcock, John.  Spout farm
Pidcock, William.  Rumbling Street
Redfern, Joseph.   Grange
Shemwell, William.  Johnnygate
Simpson, Thomas.
Slack, Ernest
Stevenson, Francis.
Straw, William.  Wilday Green
Tagg, Farewell.  Brentwood Gate.
Turner, William.  Moorhall
Walker, Charles.  Monkwood
Wardley, George.
Wells, Harold.  Barlow Lees
Wilson, George.

Public Houses and Beer sellers

Creswick, Thomas.  New Inn,

Jolley, George. Beer retailer, Commonside 

Kingston, Harry.  Beer retailer 

Margereson, Charles. Peacock Hotel

Market gardeners
Hallatt, Thomas, Commonside 

Shopkeepers etc

Bowler, Harry. Bootdealer. Commonside
Hill, George. Commonside
Margereson, Edward. Florist. Nelson House

Margereson, Fanny. Post Office & shop
Pearson, Thomas.  Grocer. Commonside

Shemwell, William. Butcher, Commonside (also farmer Johnnygate)

Smith, Francis. Shopkeeper, Rutland T.
Spafford, Hannah. Shopkeeper


Haslam, Fred. Barlow Lees
Wright, Charles. Monumental mason & builder



Bargh, William





Bland, Henry Wainwright
Dyson, Rev. Cornelius M.A. (Perpetual       curate) Parsonage

Webb Rev. Alban Russell B. A. (assistant curate) Parsonage.

Beresford, George & Sons, Builders 

Booker, H & Sons. Market gardeners &   colliery owners. Commonside colliery 

Howarth, Arthur.  Asst. overseer,   Commonside.

Hulley, Wilfred. Smallholder 

Kitchin, Henry. Farm bailiff to Thos. Skelton, Moorhall 

Machin, Edwin Murvil.  Motor car repairer, Commonside 

Margereson, John. Joiner

Oddfellows.  Grand United order of (Duke of Rutland’s Lodge) No 783. Owen Holmes (secretary)

Sheepbridge Coal & Iron.  Coal Wharf
Swinden, Thomas. Waterworks Inspector 

Yorkshire Penny Savings Bank Ltd.
(open  Monday 4pm to 4.30 pm summer and 3pm to 3.30pm winter) Frank Morgan, actuary, school room


Post office & M. O. office

Mrs Fanny Margereson, Sub-postmistress. Letters from Chesterfield. The nearest telegraph office is at Whittington Moor.
Wall letter box – Commonside.



Carvell, Joseph William.  Constable



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Barlow Directory 1941 (Commercial)

Barber, Harold.  Wilday Green
Beresford, Alfred. Elm Tree
Booker, Harold.  Grange.
Botham, Frank.  Woodseats Hall
Botham, Fred.  Oxton Rakes.
Gratton, Hy.  Spout Farm, Wilday Grn
Grartton, William.   Primrose Hill
Haslam, Leonard. Farlane
Haslam, Oscar. Grange Lumb.
Haslam, Owen.   Grange.
Haslam, Victor.  Bradley Lane Farm

Haslam, William. Woodlands.
Helliwell. Benj.  Meanfield.
Hill, Thomas. Brindwood Gate Farm
Leech, Clement.   Oxton Rakes Farm.
Morgan, Sarah & Hy.  Newgate Farm
Needham Bros,   Barlow Lees
Needham, E & Son, Hall Farm
Needham, Wm & Sons, New Farm.
Needham, Ernest Roland (Jun) Grange Ho. 

Needham, George Hugh. Granby Ho.
Needham, Jas. Harold.
Needham, John Thos.   Church Farm.
Pendleton, Archibald.  Farlane
Pickering, Alfred. Wilday Green
Pidcock, Chas.   Johnnygate.
Pidcock, John Wm.  Rumbling Street.
Skelton, Alan,  Sycamore Farm,  Moorhall 

Walker, Jas.   Wellspring.
Walker, William Jun. Monkwood.
Walker, George Hy.  Moorhall
 Wells, Harold.   Barlow Lees.
Wilson, Winifred (Miss) Highlightly.


Refreshment Rooms
Beach, Beatrice. (Mrs) Brook Villas
Botham, Lucy (Mrs)  Woodseats
Hill Marion.   Brindwood Gate Farm.
Morgan, Ethel.   Wilkin Hill
Prosser, Emma E. M. (Mrs) Peakley Hill
Wardley, Ernest.   Peakley Hill


Public Houses
Hare & Hounds.   (J. W. Seston )
New Inn. (Edwin Shawcroft)
Peacock Hotel.  (Saml. Burton)
Travellers’ Rest. (Clara Ellen Scoltock)

Market Gardeners & Smallholders
Armstrong, Chas. Mkt. Gdnr, Bolehill
Drabble, Edward. Smallholder
Drabble, Thos. Smallholder. Top Common.
Hallatt, Henry. Mkt Gardener
Helliwell, Mark. Smallholder. Peakley Hill
Howard, John. Smallholder, Crowhole.
Lomas, Fred. Smallholder. Wilday Green
Nunn, David, Smallholder.  Oxton Rakes.
Stevenson, Fred. Smallholder, Orchard Fm.
Tagg, David. Smallholder, Beeches.
Tagg, Hiram. Smallholder. Brentwood Gate.
Wardley, George.  Smallholder.
Widdowson, Geoffrey Allison. Nurseryman, Top Common.

Shopkeepers etc.
Bargh, Frank, Shoe repairer.
Booker, Gertrude.  Shopkeeper, Millcross Lane
Bramwell, Irene Beatrice, Shopkeeper, Rutland Terrace.
Hallatt, Ellen Eliz. (Miss) Draper, Commonside
Haslam, Agnes (Miss) Fried Fish Dealer, Commonside. 

Hill, Elizabeth. Shopkeeper. Commonside.
Spafford, George, Shopkeeper.
Staton, Stanley, Shopkeeper.  Commonside
White, Constance Lottie. Butcher. Commonside




Post Office & M. O. Office
Letters through Sheffield. 

Police Station at Commonside.

Norfor, Rev. Robert Christopher,
Perpetual Curate, Vicarage.

Tradespeople etc

Bargh, Wm & Son. Blacksmiths
Beresford & Sons. Builders
Booker H. Coal Merchant, Nesfield Sidings
Booker, Thos. Wm. Joiner. Woodlands View
Haslam, Arnold. Motor Haulage, Commonside
Kingston, Erle, Insurance Agt. Top Common.
Morgan, Thomas. Haulage Cont.
Needham, Wm. Thompson, Motor Haulage.
Simpson, Wm. Haulage Cont.  Green Gables.
Wright , John. John.  Builder 

Large companies etc.

Cobnar Wood Colliery Colliery Owners.
Leewood Colliery, Colliery Proprietors.

Oddfellows, Grand order of , (Duke of Rutland Lodge No. 783) Thos. Hill, (Secretary)

Yorkshire Penny Bank (Open Mon. 4pm – 4.30pm Summer.  3.0pm – 3.30pm Winter) Frank Morgan (Actuary)  School Room.

Clarke, George, Oaklands
Eyre, Charles,Bolehill house

Goodlad, John. Wilkin Hill
Holleley, Arthur Newton, Greystones,  Wilkin Hill
Simpson, Wm. Henry.  Green Gables
Wilson, Miss Winifred. Highlightly Farm
Swinden, John.  Waterworks Inspector.
Weston, Hy. Farm bailiff to G. Lucas, Crowhole.


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